About Our Lamb

Our Glamorgan lambs roam freely around our fields for most of the year, scoffing the luscious Aberdare grass and occasionally chasing a bee. Their natural diet is supplemented by GM-free foods from Llandovery.

We usually deliver on a Thursday so you have your lamb fresh for Sunday lunch. One boxful of lamb will fit on an average-sized upright freezer shelf.

We have seasonal lamb available from December to April.

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Cooked lamb

We cooked this earlier (and are keeping it for tea, so gerroff)

If you don't see the cuts you like, please ask for them on the order form. For example, we can supply rack of lamb or a backstrip. We leave the meat unbagged so you can bag it up as you or your family need.

Couriered lamb (ie, not delivered by us) is vac-packed at the abbatoir. It is delivered in environmentally friendly boxes with wool insulation and sorba freeze (bendy ice packs). This keeps the meat chilled at the correct temperature for the overnight delivery. If you would like your meat vac-packed, please let us know.

Offmyland tip! You can use the packing wool afterwards for your own garden -- it's excellent insulation in your greenhouse or for the compost heap. (Worms love it.) We managed to grow peas in our winter greenhouse by wrapping them up all toasty warm in wool.

Whole lamb

£150Place order

Two boxes, each containing approximately 16 chops; leg and leg fillet; shoulder boned and rolled; breast

Whole lamb (presentation)

Everything you see here, twice

Half lamb

£80Place order

One box containing approximately 16 chops; leg and leg fillet; shoulder boned and rolled; breast

Half lamb box (detail)

A packed cardboard baa-x (or something)

Quarter lamb

£50Place order

One box containing approximately eight chops; half leg (fillet or shank); half breast; half shoulder

Lamb quarter box

All for ewe (we're not sorry)

Lamb (cooked bbq style)

Grilling our supper in the lovely warm Welsh rain