About Our Mutton (and Hoggets)

Mutton is meat from sheep that have been left to roam until they're between three and six years old (and sometimes up to nine).

As the sheep have had much more time to range freely, all the while chomping on tussocky bracken, heather, herbs and clovers, they develop an interesting, fuller flavour. The final meat, high in protein and full of amino acids, is exceptionally satisfying.

Hoggets are sheep at least a year old. This gives the meat a slightly stronger flavour than lamb.

We can supply mutton and hoggets on order, so contact us for details.

(If you like the offal, let us know at the same time; we may be able to supply this too.)

Whole mutton comes in two boxes; half mutton comes in one box.


£130 (whole)/£75 (half)Place order

Mutton selection

Mutton: left a bit longer to make the taste stronger. Before...

Mutton (cooked)

... and after